Reliable Male Infertilty Treatment

  Almost all of us have gone through that phase where our career takes precedence over starting or building a family. At this phase, we often seek out help to avoid pregnancy. While there is absolutely nothing wrong with grabbing the reins and taking control of our lives, some of us might find it devastating to hear news of possible infertility when we finally want to start our family and decide to get pregnant. You could be diagnosed with a low sperm count (if you’re male) or a high FSH (if you’re a female). Western medicine regards this as infertility which produces a very negative and hopeless situation for the couples involved. If we look at these problems from a holistic point of view, such as that indicated in Pregnancy Miracle by Lisa Olson, you’ll find that the possibility of seeing your own offspring is still very much high because Western medicine’s “infertility” is nothing but an imbalance in the body.

One of the factors that lead to a hormonal imbalance or to infertility is stress. During the peak of our working days, our 20s through 30s, it is easy for us to pile up on the stress factor as we work hard for our future retirement or for the family we planned to have in mind. This knowledge should be enough to help you avoid feeling more stressed out when you are diagnosed with infertility from your doctor. This should help you get to work instead on restoring balance into your body and into your life. The book The Personal Path to Pregnancy by Beth Kiley is a good guide you can pick up to restore that balance and increase your chances of conception. For starters though, here are a few ways you can add to your everyday routine to improve your chances:

Start to eat right. If it is at all possible, try to pursue eating only organic foods. A directly proportional link to infertility and exposure to pesticides has been revealed. Since we can’t always see if we’ve taken in harmful substances in our body, it is important for both men and women to eat food rich in Vitamins C and E, known antioxidants. Studies show that Vitamin C has seen to have increase the sperm count of men to as much as 100% while Vitamin E has helped these sperms to increase their capacity to swim which is a characteristic needed for healthy sperms to reach an egg. In women, body fat is also an influential factor in fertility. Research shows that obesity has been directly linked to infertility in women so it is a good idea to avoid fat and focus on fiber-rich food items like vegetables and fruits. For more information about infertility treatment, check out Product Ratings at

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