Five Penis Symptoms Men Should Never Ignore

  While no guy wants to think it can happen to him, any individual who is sexually active runs at least a slight risk of contracting a sexually transmitted disease. While most of these diseases can be easily cured, or at least managed, with the right treatment, a surprising number of STDS go undiagnosed, leading to potentially serious health effects. Men who have an untreated STD may experience devastating symptoms such as loss of fertility, dementia, and eventual death; and having any STD puts men at greater risk for contracting HIV.

Knowing the signs to watch for, exercising appropriate penis care and seeking medical attention when problems do appear is essential in catching venereal diseases in the early stages and treating them effectively. Some common penis symptoms which are often mistaken for minor skin problems are described here:

1. Penis rash or blisters - red bumps on the penis can be an indication of numerous different issues, including yeast infection, skin tags, psoriasis, or an infection of the penis head known as balanitis. All of these are fairly common, and while some can be transmitted through physical contact, they are not serious and can be easily treated at home. On the other hand, ulcerating blisters that release a clear fluid, red bumps that turn into open sores, and itchy, red rashes may all indicate conditions such as herpes (a viral infection for which there is no known cure). Blisters or lesions on the penis may also be a sign of penile cancer; therefore, seeing a doctor as soon as these symptoms are observed is critical.

2. Painful urination - Pain in the urethra during urination may result from a urinary tract infection, kidney stones, or yeast infection. On the other hand, pain on urination is symptomatic of gonorrhea. This STD can be treated easily if caught in the early stages, but if it is allowed to progress, it can lead to pelvic inflammatory disease, prostatitis (an inflammatory condition of the prostate which can be extremely painful and very difficult to treat) and loss of fertility.

3. Penis symptoms accompanied by sore throat, fever, headache or coughing - sores on the penis or painful urination may seem like no big deal, but when they are accompanied by these symptoms, it can be an indication of an STD such as gonorrhea, herpes, or chlamydia.

4. Painless bumps or blisters on the penis - one of the earliest signs of syphilis, a disease which can lead to devastating complications, is a small, blister-like lesion known as a chancre. Because this lesion is usually painless, it is often ignored. While syphilis can be treated with antibiotics in the early stages, it can be difficult to eradicate if allowed to progress.

5. Whitish or yellow discharge, foul odor - Men who experience a sore penis accompanied by a thick or chunky discharge may suspect yeast infection or balanitis; however, this can also indicate gonorrhea or chlamydia and should be evaluated by a doctor for a firm diagnosis.

Boosting the natural defenses of the penis

While barrier protection such as latex condoms is absolutely necessary for men who are sexually active, particularly those with more than one partner, there is still a risk of contracting a life-altering disease. Using common sense in choice of sexual partners is also recommended. Urinating after sex and then washing with soap and water may help to eliminate some of the bacteria that cause STDs.

In addition, while it cannot prevent or cure an STD, a quality penis health formula (most health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil) containing natural antibacterials and vitamins can help to maintain the integrity of the skin, boost the bodys disease-fighting properties, and help to keep the area clean - all of which can increase mens resistance to potentially dangerous diseases.

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