Surgical Healthcare Solutions - For Swine Flu Prevention


Surgical Healthcare Solutions Solutions strive to provide impeccable customer service, working side by side with Surgeons, Doctors and Nurses alike. Solely focusing on developing strong customer relationships built on trust and reliability. Thus positioning us a s a market leader within the surgical industry.

Surgical Healthcare Solutions strategy is one of focus. Our aim is to specialize in specific areas of surgery, beginning with the Plastic, Recon construction and Aesthetic disciplines. This strategy has allowed Surgical Healthcare Solutions to source the latest innovative products and successfully introducing them to the Irish surgical industry, focusing the company’s attention on making each product a market leader.

Surgical Healthcare Solutions For Medical Equipment Supplies A Full Range Of Custom Packs

Surgical Healthcare Solutionsprovide a full range of custom packs to suit a client’s specific requirement, including:

* Cleaning Set

* Dental Surgery Sets

* Fine Suture Set

* Hormone Implant asset

* Minor Instrument Set

* Minor Operation Set

* Plastic Surgery set

* Skin Biopsy Set

* Suture Removal Sets

Surgical Healthcare Solutions also design a custom pack to suit your specific requirements.
Established in January 2008, Surgical Healthcare Solutions has quickly positioned itself as one of the leading medical suppliers in Ireland.

Alcohol gels may not kill everything on your skin, if they evaporate without doing so you hands will remain infected with Swine flu, ready for the next time you touch your face, mouth or eat something with your hands. Alcohol gels provide no protection between uses.

Apply Q Shield™ to your hands when you get to work in the morning, your hands is protected for the rest of the day and night. Keep washing your hands when you can get to sinks to remove dead microbes allowing the Q Shield™ to remain in contact with any new live organisms. You can’t wash Shield off, so it keeps on protecting you. The only hand sanitizer available to provide full protection for 24 hours.

EFL Healthcare - Heart Attack is still serious problem in men

September is considered as month of “National Heart Awareness”,   but are we aware of our heart care? Ask yourself ; defiantly you will hesitate to answer. Cause people have no enough time to maintain healthy heart. It as simple as it is but we just ignore it.

The heart attack is still serious problem in human health. It is just because of the ignorance of the health. Taking care of health is in human’s hand. By taking care and living healthy lifestyle one can prevent such diseases

In the leading world of technology & science today’s generation is running behind money & losing their health. It is being said that heart diseases or heart attack is more in men than women, because women are more emotional than men. But it is nothing to do with it, it is all about taking care of health. However the heart attack in men & women are not typical. So it is important to the heart attack signs.

  • Chest Pain
  • Back or Stomach Pain
  • Fatigue
  • Breathing Shortness
  • For this we need to act fast, though the sign is small but it can develop within a day, week or month and leads to seriousness. In the health survey it found that men are attacked easily, because they have no healthy diet or eating outside food, junk food is the main reason. Our living lifestyle and eating habits really matters for this. These small things may create serious problems. It is really very important to take care health.